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(includes our complete Certified Peer Recovery Navigator college level credentialing course, workbook, practicum guide and CE exam)
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  • World's Largest Behavioral Health (Peer Addictions) Training Provider.
  • The world's first college level training and certification material on the field of Peer Recovery from our parent corporation, SJM Family Preservation Campus, Inc.
  • Designed to use in flexible learning settings (self-paced distance learning, hybrid or classroom).
  • Opportunity to earn continuing education from the American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders through educational options (eg. independent study, blended learning) from our parent corporation, SJM Family Preservation Campus, Inc.
  • Inclusion in the German National Library, a central archival library and national bibliographic centre for the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the leading partner in developing and maintaining bibliographic rules and standards in Germany and plays a significant role in the development of international library standards.
  • Designed with assistance from behavioral health clinicians, medical doctors, social workers, and peers from addiction recovery entities, governmental agencies, community recovery organizations, and schools, including Harvard Medical School and the National Institute of Health.
  • No high school diploma or GED required. However, the recommended requirements for our course content is 16+ with "working" experience as a volunteer, intern or employee, dealing with special populations (eg. minorities, LGBT, veterans, disabilities, prisoners, ex-offenders, rural, women, children, low-income, etc.) in a behavioral health, medical, community, educational or criminal justice setting.
  • Submitted for college credit and credential evaluation through Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP) by Charter Oak State College (2015-2017).